For online orders, we’ve partnered with, a third-party vendor with the driving mission to help bookstores fight against that one giant corporation. We love working with them, and there’s very little difference in your support to us whether you special order a book in the store to be picked up versus shipping it directly to you from Bookshop.

The process is simple:

1. Search for your book either in the field above or here.

2. Order your book.

3. It’ll ship from the same distributor we use in-shop, but it’ll ship directly to you.

4. Bookshop pays us the profit for the book.


Would your rather have an audiobook? Again, instead of using the giant corporation, check out They’re just as good, the same price, and they pay authors better than the alternative. They’ll ask you which bookstore you’d like to support, and if you list us, they give us a portion of your membership fee AND any extra books you purchase.